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An Ng2 Timezone Picker - Part 2.2: Scaffolding

In this post, we’ll get the scaffolding of our project setup.

Our timezone picker will consist of four different components/directives.

  1. App – the entry point into our Angular2 application
  2. TimeZonePicker – the root component for our time zone picker
  3. TimeZoneMap – the component that renders our SVG map
  4. TimeZone – the directive that maps SVG elements to classes with attributes

By default, our project structure from the seed project looks like so:

Let’s add a bit of scaffolding and some placholder files so that we can flesh out our components in the future.

  1. Create the src/components/timezone directory
  2. Create the src/components/timezonemap directory
  3. Create the src/components/timezonepicker directory
  4. Create the src/assets directory
  5. In src/components/timezone, create timezone.ts
  6. In src/components/timezonemap, create timezonemap.ts
  7. In src/components/timezonepicker, create timezonepicker.ts
  8. In src/assets, create styles.css
  9. In src/assets, copy in the output map from our script

In case you need them, here are the commands for steps 1-8. Step 9 you’ll still need to do by hand.

mkdir src/app/components/timezone
mkdir src/app/components/timezonemap
mkdir src/app/components/timezonepicker
mkdir src/assets
touch src/app/components/timezone/timezone.ts
touch src/app/components/timezonemap/timezonemap.ts
touch src/app/components/timezonepicker/timezonepicker.ts
touch src/assets/styles.css

Once setup, our project structure should look like this:

In the next part of our series, we will start to write our Angular2 components.