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An Angular2 Timezone Picker - Part 2: Exploring the World (of Ng2)

Important Notice:

This article was originally posted on April 21, 2015. However, it quickly became irrelevant with major core changes to the Angular2 framework.

Now that the Angular2 codebase has calmed significantly, this article has been rewritten to reflect the current state of things.

Posts for the time-deprived

In the process of rewriting this blog post, I decided to try a new blogging style. Instead of my standard lengthy multi-page posts, I’m going to try and write smaller bite-sized posts that are easier to consume in small chunks. In that spirit, you can find each of the subparts of this post listed below.

Subparts will be added to this list as they are written.

  1. Setting Up Our Ng2 Environment
  2. Project Scaffolding
  3. The TimeZonePicker Component